Strength Introduction

Runners should strength train in order to reduce injury risk, increase efficiency and maintain muscle mass and motor control. Research has shown that including strength work can reduce your injury risk by 25%! Further, adding strength work can improve running efficiency by up to 9%! The number one goal of strength programs is to help improve coordination, balance and stability. The weakest area amongst runners is usually the lower limb. Strength in the lower limb has been shown to decrease more with age as compared to other areas of the body. Hip and core strength is also important as these muscles really power the running stride.  

Strength training should be performed 1-2 per week and each session should be 30-40 minutes in length. 

Strength Training Routines

Below are 2 suggested strength training workouts that you can include in your training plan. Each workout will take 30 – 40 minutes. Feel free to use either of the suggested routines or build your own program.