Events and favourite Races

CCB Blind Roadrunners members participate in numerous Canadian and U.S. races throughout the year. Some of us have run major events such as the New York and Boston Marathons while others stick to local 5 and 10k races and everything in between.  

If you are training for a race, we have experienced runners that can answer your questions and provide guidance, whether it’s your first 5K, or first 42.2K.  We all start from the same point! 

 Here are a few of our all time favourite races…   

The Ottawa Tamarack

Canada’s largest race weekend which is held annually at the end of May. This event has races from 1K – 42.2K and it is one of the most supportive races we run. There is a division for blind runners to compete in along with discounts for our members and guides.  

 Hamilton Marathon Rode2Hope

Held annually on the first Sunday of November this event offers 5k, 10k half and full marathon distances. This is the perfect race for a new runner to experience the thrill of running in race conditions in a world leading event. The race organizers are super supportive and the route courses are first class all the way.  

 Chilly half Marathon,  Frigid 10K and Frosty 5K

Try your hand with winter running conditions with either of these races. Held in early March each year in Burlington these are great races to help shake the winter blues. These are among the most fun and exciting race events we know of. 

The M-20

This is our very  own signature race. Held in June this is a 20km run starting from Midtown at Yonge and Davisville, running through Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, down to the Brickworks and ending at the bottom of the DVP trail at Lakeshore then turnaround  … ending with brunch as a group.  There is also a 10km option where you end at the base of the DVP.  The course includes aid stations along the way, with a race finishing medal.  This event will be the most relaxed and fun run you will ever experience and a terrific way to experience a race for the first time.  

Newfoundland’s Cape to Cabot 

This is Newfoundland and Labrador’s  premier race. Held in St. John’s annually during mid October, this is known as the toughest race in the North East. With only 3 kilometres of flat terrain, this event is a hill runners dream. This race offers spectacular scenery and a chance to run in the oldest and most historic city in North America.  

California International Marathon

Held annually in Sacramento California on the first Sunday of December this race has a dedicated and highly enthusiastic blind division of over 50 blind runners. Known as the fastest race in the west, many blind runners use this event as their Boston Marathon qualifier. Financial support is available and the local organizers will assist with guides and other supports.  

The New York City Marathon

Held in New York City annually on the first Sunday of November this is the biggest marathon in the world. If your goal is to run only one marathon this is the one! Thanks to terrific  support from Achilles International blind and disabled runners receive world class support to participate in this event. Many blind and partially sighted runners make this their ‘go to’  race year after year.  

Boston Marathon 

Held annually on the third Sunday of April, this is one of the most famous races in the world. Thanks to the amazing support from Team With a Vision,  a program of  the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired MABVI Team with a Vision  hundreds of blind and vision impaired runners have successfully run this world class race.