Beginner Tips for 5 and 10k Plans

If you are a beginner runner or planning to run your first 5 or 10k these resources are for you. Our  FAQs for Blind and Partially Sighted runners answer many of the most common questions we get from new and experienced runners living with vision loss.

VeryWell Fits Tips for New Runners mentioned in our FAQs cover general running related information including an 8-week beginner program for new runners and is a highly recommended read. 

If you are just starting to run for the first time and/or you have a goal to run a 5 or 10k event the Week 0 for Beginners article will help get you ready to begin your program. You will learn about things to have in place with suggestions to ensure a smooth training program.  

Many learn to run programs include exercise and recovery routines to build strength and flexibility. The Beginner Activation and Mobility , Strength and Recovery routines listed here are examples of commonly used exercises and intended for new runners. Each individual exercise is described in detail. We suggest reading through the routines and listening to the recordings so that you know them well before starting your program.

We encourage beginning using the Run Walk technique. Many learn to run programs use a Run Walk Run approach as a way to build up towards longer runs. The slow and steady approach to running works best in our experience. Running should be enjoyable, yes, hard work at times but not painful or stressful. If you feel uncomfortable or experience pain lasting for more than a few seconds while running stop and walk for a while. If discomfort or pain persists please stop running and discuss with your Doctor or medical professional.

In terms of a suggested beginner 5 or 10k program the Beginner 5k and  Beginner 10k plans from United in Stride are quite good. The beginner 8-week plan found on the Verywell Fit site  is an example of a typical beginner plan.

Use the beginner plans listed above or another plan that fits your needs and use the resources provided on this site to support your goals.