Recovery introduction

Remember that one of the biggest indicators for recovery and injury prevention, and health in general is good SLEEP! A main goal for a recovery session is to bring your nervous system down from higher stress levels. When using the ball or foam rollers, always be sure to keep the pressure/discomfort level to a 3 to 4 out of 10. You should not have increasing pain with these recovery tools. The evening just before bed is the best time to do this. Start with a breathing exercise and choose 2 self muscle release exercises and 2 stretches. This should take about 10 minutes. Doing some breathing work, muscle self release and stretching on a regular basis will help you identify problematic areas and improve recovery between runs. You will begin to learn where you need to focus more energy. 

Recovery Routines

Below are 2 suggested Recovery Routines that you can use. Each routine will take 10-15 minutes. For detailed exercise descriptions to use the suggested routines or build your own program.